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The Lincoln Coaching Podcast is a non-profit podcast, which launched in the summer of 2023. The aim of the podcast is to provide our audience with highly successful guests to educate, inspire and entertain. Our guests will share their insights, stories and secrets to their success.





The world is full of questions that need to be answered. A primary focus with The LC Podcast is to educate our audience on what our expert guests have learnt, to share unique insights that may help others to understand how to improve their lives or career.

Inspiration is the seed for success. Our interviews and discussions with established business and thought leaders have worked hard and had to think creatively. Often when exploring the history of an individual or organisation's success, there is a struggle, which many of us can relate to. We think it's important to highlight what it took for our guests to achieve their ambitions.

A podcast wouldn't be a podcast without communicating information in a fun and interesting way. One of our priorities is to make sure that the conversations are thought provoking and that the end result is an entertaining discussion between our hosts and our guests.

Dr Nate Zinsser
Sport and Performance Psychology Expert; Author, Speaker, Consultant

Dr Nate Zinsser authored The Confident Mind and has coached the globe's top athletes, soldiers and executives. Dr. Zinsser teaches what confidence is, what is isn't, and how to attain it.

Dr Nate Zinsser Podcast

Dr David Barnet
PhD in Planetary Geophysics and Head of Consultancy

Dr. David Barnet is an expert in geo-planetary physics, and heads up the consultancy department at an IP protection firm. Dr. Barnet has learnt interesting things about the planet and plans to share them with us.

Dr David Barnet Podcast

Sharon Livermore
CEO and Thought Leader in Domestic Violence

Sharon built her recruitment firm from the ground up. She has crafted a talented workforce and is regarded as one of the nations most important thought leaders in Domestic Violence,

Sharon Livermore Podcast

Marjorie Martin
Bungie - Senior Manager of Legal Operations

Marjorie works for a video games company called Bungie, who famously created the Halo and Destiny franchises. Marjorie is an expert in business law and a proud mother of two.

Marjorie Martin Podcast

Jeff Beck
CEO, Founder, and Habit Expert

Jeff got a degree in psychology, runs his own fitness training business, and is an expert on habit management.

Jeff Beck Podcast

Luke Huffington
CEO and Firefighter

Luke built his business from scratch and now enjoys a steady income of revenue, whilst constantly digesting audio books. Luke also works as a firefighter for his local council.

Luke Huffington

Collette Williams
Rockstar, Drummer, and Lecturer at BIMM Academy

Collette is a signed and touring rockstar. From playing on popular broadcasts, to rocking Glastonbury among other household festivals, Collette also finds time to lecture at BIMM.

Collette Williams Podcast

Sofia Abubakar
Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and Thought Leader in Stress and Anxiety

Sofia is qualified in high intensity CBT. She also heads up Stress Tools, an Instagram account that provides free advice on stress and anxiety to over ten thousand people.

Sofia Abubakar podcast

April Lamai
Barrister and Technical Legal Advisor

April has overcome fierce obstacles, failure and prejudice to achieve her dream career as a barrister. April is a thought leader and an expert in Human Rights and Criminal Law.

April Lamai Podcast

Edd Davies
Director of Commercial

Edd is a successful director in sales, and has destroyed business records. Edd has a reputation for making big deals, and is going to share his secrets.

Edd Davies Podcast

Greg Aden
President, Founder, and Coach

Greg is an inspirational speaker and coach. Coaching people on how to be compassionate leaders and has his own video series and podcast. Greg has a wealth of expertise in how to get the most out of yourself.

Greg Aden Podcast
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