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Chris Lincoln Founder & Coach

Christopher Lincoln B.A.
CEO, Founder and Business Coach

Christopher Lincoln is a Professional Coach, Speaker, and Mentor. Offering others the opportunity to harness their inner strengths and develop a successful career and life journey.

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My Story

I discovered my passion for helping others during a placement in the US, teaching musical instruments to youngsters. Since then, I have spent a decade on developing and enabling people to rapidly succeed professionally. I want my clients to thrive and achieve their greatest goals.

I have created Training and Development Programmes for corporate businesses, worked with the worlds largest organisations across several major sectors and have now implemented that experience into a professional coaching business.

I have enrolled on to various courses to enrich my knowledge on helping others achieve their greatest dreams and goals. This includes studies across psychology with Yale, a Level 7 Diploma in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring with the Chartered Management Institute, a royal charter and certification from business and leadership courses at LinkedIn.

Accredited by the Best
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