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How to Own the Room

Presence: 5 Secrets to Owning Every Room You Walk Into

Power, Energy, Charisma and Openness

I've walked into many rooms with high-level people, from CEOs, Directors, Business Owners and crowds in the hundreds. Minutes before doing so, I've felt nervous, hot, anxious and even scared of the spotlight. A common mistake we can make in this situation is to interpret these emotions and mindsets as a negative and enter with the weight of established failure. Applying these tips, will enable you to own the room and gain respect instantly.

Let me walk you through this simply.

Tip #1 - Scan your Audience

When you gaze over your audience, whether it be as you walk into the office, meet with your senior executives or you're about to give a speech, this is a very powerful way of establishing your presence in a larger territory. This will immediately convey to your audience that you are keen to acknowledge and address the entire group.

Tip #2 - Breathe

Breathing is a scientifically backed way to improve your performance in almost every situation, on the football field, in the board room or in a fear-induced situation. Public speaking happens to be a more common fear than death itself. So it's very important that you take three deep breathes before you speak or take action. Get into the habit of doing this and you WILL start doing it naturally and performing better.

"Changing the rhythm of your breath can signal relaxation, slowing your heart rate and stimulating the vagus nerve." – Harvard Business Review

Tip #3 - Coach Yourself with Positive Reinforcement

Your head might be flooding with all kinds of doubts and lies to get you to feel uncomfortable enough to hit fight/flight/ or freeze button. What you need to remind yourself is this. Life is what I choose to make it. It's likely you want to walk into a room and be acknowledged with smiles, respect, waves, cheers or hugs. You're entering this room to own it. Confidence is absolutely key, you need to convince yourself that you are of high-value, and we can go into lots of detail about how you can achieve self-value in one of my sessions.

Tip #4 - Smile, Lock and Greet

No-one can achieve their peak without allies. When you walk into that room and scan your audience, identify someone who you love to see and channel your energy to them. Depending on your situation and environment, this can range from walking directly to them with a smile and arms wide open, or a friendly I see you! point of the finger. The room needs to know you have support for being there. If you don't have an ally in this scenario, you'll need to develop your relationship skills and begin building a positive network of people that love and respect you. Bear in mind that there will ALWAYS be people who will prefer to bond with other people.

Tip #5 - Take up Space

This is really easy to get right and get wrong! The trick here is to be confident but not obnoxious. Take up a good amount of space by keeping your legs wider than your hips and make sure that back is straight. You can spread your arms across the back of a chair, but don't intentionally invade someone else's space or block someone off. I've seen people refuse to move out of the way for others thinking they are being confident, I can assure you this is not the case.

If You Care, Then Dare.

You're going to own the room because you care. I forget the name of a famous musician who once said they were so nervous to walk out on stage because they cared. Your confidence and passion can and will channel your nerves into a grand entrance, which the world needs to see.


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