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Climbing a Mountain, A Snowden Adventure by Cassey Beck

Doing something new can be scary. You have no idea if you will fly or fall. You haven't tested your limits in that area and the unknown becomes daunting. But you can't live in fear and not try new things, as you may discover a new found love for something. That's how I felt when hiking Snowden last month. I'd never hiked a mountain before and I was nervous. I questioned my fitness and my capabilities in completing the challenge. It turns out that I absolutely loved the hike! I felt strong and at one with my surroundings. I saw the dramatic landscape and could appreciate its beauty. I was in awe of the valleys, the waterfalls and the markings on each stone. But the descent was a struggle... An old knee injury showed it's ugly face and every step became more painful. The rain got heavier and the wind blew faster and suddenly the once beautiful mountain became a scary one. The fear crept in and I could visualise how easy it would be to fall. When we finally reached the bottom, I could appreciate the journey. A rush of pride came over me. Yes it might not have always been easy, but is any worthwhile adventure? Would I do it again? Abso-bloody-lutley!

So go for it! Try something new and see what you are capable of achieving ✨💪 💫

Cassey xx

Partner & Life Coach


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